Lani Steffens

Lani Steffens is a Senior Public Health Analyst with the Fairfax County Healthy Department Office of Innovation. In this position, she explores innovative practices that help the department align with the Public Health 3.0 model and work towards addressing social determinants of health. She is currently designing a youth program in partnership with the school system and county agencies. Previously, she was the Director of Public Health Research at a social science research firm that often worked on public health communications projects, such as patient-provider communication, attitudes about tobacco cessation with the LGBTQ communities, and using active transportation. Before working in research, she had worked to address the well-being of resettled refugees, improve mental health and general health promotion with college students, and address issues related to diversity and inclusion within medicine. Lani has a Master of Arts in Health Psychology and a Master of Public Health in Global Health Practice. She holds a graduate certificate in Social Marketing for Public Health and is Certified in Public Health.