26th USF Social Marketing Conference Wrap Up

In-person social marketing conferences are back! The 2022 USF Social Marketing Conference returned May 27-28 in beautiful Clearwater Beach, FL with esteemed keynote speakers, panelists, and a turnout of 175 people from around the world. The conference schedule included presentations on timely topics such as social justice, COVID-19, neuromarketing, the environment, and more. 

At the awards presentation on day one, Bill Novelli was honored with the Philip Kotler Social Marketing Distinguished Service Award. SMANA presented an Outstanding Agency Award for Commitment to the Elimination of Social Disparities, and welcomed the recipient of the Jim Mintz conference scholarship. Board members and volunteers were happy to see many of you at the event. We want to extend a warm welcome to our new members who joined at the conference!

Meet Cassandra Allen, the 2022 Jim Mintz Scholarship Winner

We stopped to talk with Cassandra Allen, SMANA’s 2022 Jim Mintz Scholarship winner, to learn what wicked problems she wants to solve in the world.

“As a Native American (Dine/Navajo) and Indigenous woman, I want to use social marketing and media to encourage other Indigenous people to live according to their culture and traditions. Our culture is our resiliency, our strength. Using social marketing and media, I want to remind people to practice taking care of Mother Earth and promote protecting our precious resources like water, land, and minerals. My passion is to apply social marketing to things I would like to impact in the world personally, like encouraging others to practice peace. There is an addiction to violence; have we forgot how to just be kind to one another?”

SMANA’s 2022 Outstanding Agency Award Recipient for Commitment to the Elimination of Social Disparities

C+C “All About the Good” Campaign
C+C’s winning campaign set out to address COVID-19 vaccine misinformation and encourage young adults in the Hispanic/Latinx community to get the vaccine. Positioning the vaccine as the best way to protect themselves helped drive a sense of urgency to get vaccinated. 

The campaign’s concept, called “Vacúnate Mijo/Mija,” used words and images considered culturally relevant for the Hispanic/Latinx audience. The campaign’s goal was to increase vaccination rates among Washington state’s Hispanic/Latinx population by leveraging cultural relevance to drive action.

Nominees were considered based on information provided about their project that is representative of the agency’s commitment to the elimination of one or more social disparities.


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