Advertisers and Ad Agencies today are more than ever interested in data and dashboards.  Our partners have a real desire for analytic insights and the ability to optimize campaigns in real time. It’s one of the reasons that Digital advertising has become such a darling of the media community. 

One of the biggest concerns with any type of marketing and advertising is accountability and tracking results. And up until now, it’s been difficult for advertisers to gauge and prove effectiveness of broadcast mediums. 

Entercom Communications recently launched an analytic platform that for the first time ever, enables advertisers to begin tracking traditional broadcast advertising and measuring for success.  

Entercom Audience Analytics allows us to track and quantify the incremental number of consumers who visit an advertiser’s website, within an 8 minute attribution window of a commercial airing. Data collected from this window, can give analytic insights into several different areas of a campaign:

  1. Creative: Ranks response rates of each piece of creative to determine which one resonates most with consumers based on Visits per Airing.
  2. Dayparts & Stations: Determines which daypart(s) and station(s) is most effective to optimize campaign in near real time 
  3. On-Air vs Off-Air: Directional insight into the total campaign lift beyond the 8-minute window, a long-tail attribution metric

Most importantly though, it allows for real-time optimization similar to what we’re used to with our digital tactics. Based on this kind of analytic feedback, advertisers can now change up the broadcast strategy, creative, or schedule as it’s happening right then in order to optimize for most effective delivery – ultimately, enhancing the overall impact.   

Since its launch, over 5,000 advertisers are connected and receiving these monthly analytic insights into their audience and advertising campaigns. You no longer have to wonder if your radio or TV advertising is working, now we can prove it. 

Entercom Communications

Entercom is a mission driven company deeply invested in supporting communities and invested in the causes that help them thrive. We care about the work we do to inform and entertain our communities as well as the causes that are important to them. Entercom is committed to being outstanding corporate citizens. We endeavor to make a true difference in our communities and our nation. Our work and our local voices have earned us the trust of every community we serve.

In addition to being America’s #1 creator of live, original, local audio content, Entercom also employs a specialized division focused solely on providing strategic and effective integrated social marketing campaigns across all mediums and brands. Often partnering with various marketing and public relations agencies to provide full service solutions for any advocacy, educational, behavior change needs. While this division acts without ties to any one Entercom brand or market, it is backed by the power of the large media company, and leverages its resources and experience to deliver their clients a unique, thoughtful approach to more dynamic, engaging, and impactful campaign.


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