Black Lives Matter

A Letter from the President of the Social Marketing Association of North America on Anti-Black Racism in America


We feel that while silence is not an appropriate response to the racial inequalities and violence that black people face, simply voicing our support of Black Lives Matter is not enough. We aim to demonstrate our solidarity with those who struggle for equality and justice through actions.

The Social Marketing Association of North America’s mandate is to advance behavior change for social good – that includes changing ourselves. The current movement of anti-racism protests has inspired us to reflect on how we could do better. We acknowledge that we have more work to do as an organization, and we are committed to real change.

We at the Social Marketing Association of North America pledge to prioritize racial equity in our work. That means working to increase diversity in our organization’s membership –especially our leadership. It includes lifting up and amplifying the work of behavior change professionals who are using their skills and knowledge to address systemic racism. It also means helping our members ensure their own work – no matter the setting – promotes equity and inclusion.

While we are committed to taking these actions, our biggest pledge is to listen. We promise to actively seek feedback from the social marketing community – especially Black voices within it. We’re listening so we can do better in changing our own organization and prioritizing racial equity in the social marketing field as a whole.

In solidarity,
Emily Patterson
Board President
Social Marketing Association of North America


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