*Post updated on 5/3/2020

With the rapidly evolving COVID-19/Coronavirus situation, many organizations, governments, and communities are teaming together to share information about the virus in an attempt to slow or deter the spread of infection.

Within our change agent community, the Social Marketing Listserv is a useful platform for members and non-members to share information and resources about how social marketing can be used to investigate and create effective educational materials and interventions for COVID-19. From students to nursing home administrators to health care officials, social marketers are coming together to share trustworthy informational websites about COVID-19’s progression and discuss different aspects of analyzing social behavior for the purpose of creating effective campaigns.

See all the resources that have been aggregated so far by visiting this list. Note the different tabs at the bottom – Topics include: relevant articles, crisis communication support, intervention ideas, applicable videos and webinars, geography-based COVID campaigns and information, behavior change books and classes to learn more, how to conduct virtual events/meetings/trainings, educator resources and coping with stress.

If you have resources that you would like to share, please send them to contactsmana@gmail.com or post them on the listserv. This will eventually be housed on the iSMA COVID-19 webpage along with other resources.

A large thank you to everyone for their posts on the listserv which provided information for this article.To subscribe to the Social Marketing listserv, visit https://groups.google.com/group/soc-mktg/subscribe.

By Hannah Brechtel, External Affairs Committee Coordinator and Kelley Dennings, Treasurer



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